The AceCube Versatile ACV-450L is designed for the safe and secure transporting and storage of various industrial lubricants and hazardous liquids worldwide.


Capacity 450L Outer Tank Thickness 3mm
Capacity 98gal. Inner Tank Thickness 3mm
Length 1375mm/4.6ft Dry Weight 380kg
Width 1021mm/3.4ft Full Weight 763kg
Height 822mm/2.8ft Safe Fuel Fill Levels 427.5L

*Calculations are based on safe fill levels at 95% total tank capacity & specific gravity of diesel as 0.9


All tanks are approved and certified to the following standards:

  • UL 142 / ULC S-601
  • UN31 A/Y
  • (IBC)
  • CAN CG343, 146, 2002
  • TSSA B1390 ON – 2006 (Optional)
  • Lifting when Full Certified 450L to 3000L
  • Vibration Tested
  • Patent Design

Features include:

  • • Bi-directional forklift plates, internal baffle plates, galvanised hatch plates, stacking corners & lifting
    eyes to allow safe & easy handling
    • Designed to stack inside shipping containers & across truck beds providing economical transportation
    • Unique hexagonal corners for extra strength. Three letter box openings for secure & safe hose
    • Large designed dispensing gun equipment compartment with fixed arrangements to carry hose reels,
    pumps, gun nozzles, cables, batteries & bund alarms
    • 110% bunded tank capacity – to meet the global environmental regulations
    • Completely removable inner tank for easy maintenance & cleaning
    • Primary & secondary hatch plates – for multiple use & versatility. The primary hatch plate acts
    as a man way
    • The primary hatch plate is fitted with a 3 inch fill pipe, three – 1“ return pipes & three – 1¼” feed
    pipes as standard for multiple use
    • Space efficient design – easily stacked 2 high when full & 3 high when empty
    • Unique pitched outer lid – designed to allow for dust & rain regress
    • The primary hatch plate comes complete with a secure lockable design & and has beading around
    the lid closing position

3 inch fusible fill cap, 2 inch pressure vacuum vent, standard breather vent, 3 x 1¼” feed.

Fitting Plate: sockets, 3 x 1” return sockets, float level fuel gauge.


Fitting Plate: Supplied with blank plate as standard, optional return & feed sockets available.


Quick Specifications




Width1021 mm

Height822 mm

Weight full736kg

Safe Fuel Fill Level427.5L

Approvals &

(IBC) Intermediate Bulk Containment
UN 31 A/Y
Adhering to ADR regulations
Lifting when Full Certified
PPG2 & PPG26
Vibration Tested
Patent Design
Patern no: GB2502198