The Garic Powered Compact Wheel Wash has been designed with small, low volume traffic and ‘no-space’ projects in mind. The unit also lends itself to urban-developments where space is a premium, muck is a problem, and where traditional wheel wash solutions simply cannot fit.

At 2.2 x 4.6 metres, this unit can be quickly deployed without the need for movement orders and be delivered to site with the minimum of fuss. This unit is the smallest powered spray wash in our range. The inverter-pump unit can be simply plugged in to an existing three phase supply or powered independently of mains power using a 20kva diesel powered generator. A 25mm water supply is required to give the unit its initial fill. This also maintains the water level within the unit.

Water waste is minimized as it is recirculated from the containing sump underneath. The unit can be dug into the ground a mere 350mm for a flush fit application and if digging is not an option, the unit can be used 350mm above ground with a set of simple 3 metre rumble ramps. As wheels pass through the unit, the rumble bars agitate the tyre treads and they are cleaned by jets at high, low level and underneath. This ensures more than a 360 degree clean of standard tipper lorry tyres. Travelling very slowly through the unit achieves a clean to the same level as our much larger units.