The Wheel Spinner from Garic is the only cleaning system that can remove clay, mud and stones from between the rear driven wheels of lorries. Sometimes, simply washing the wheels is not effective enough and often leaves heavy mud, clay and stones stuck dangerously between the twin rear wheels of these vehicles.

The portable Dry Wheel Spinner from Garic is simple to use. The vehicle operator simply drives the lorry’s rear wheels onto the four spinners and disengages the unit’s brakes via the lever adjacent to the cab window. This allows the spinners to roll. The operator then runs the wheels up to 25+ mph and continues until the wheels are cleared of debris. 10 seconds is usually sufficient. The centrifugal force created, and tread opening action of the spinner ensures that this debris passes down into the catch pit, and not onto the road, following vehicles or pedestrians.

During use, the spinner automatically recharges its inbuilt air brake tank, which provides braking force for locking the spinner to facilitate an easy exit.

It is the driver’s responsibility to clean lorry wheels thoroughly before leaving site, and a responsible site’s duty to make relevant provisions to facilitate this. This will ensure a clean and safe environment, avoiding any road accidents, pedestrian injuries and property damage caused by debris from site.

The Wheel Spinner has removable central grids to allow easy access for cleaning. This is can be achieved by using a vacuum unit, excavator or manual dig. The unit is laid into a dug-in preformed box with a sloping floor that allows debris to ‘fall-out’ from under the unit to be excavated or vacuumed away when required. The unit can also be used above ground but will require ramps and structural fabrication.

Features & Benefits

  • Totally self-sustaining
  • No need for electric
  • No need for water
  • Easy and quick to install
  • Extremely heavy duty build to withstand any vehicle
  • Vehicles can drive through at up to 30 mph
  • Heavy duty air brake system
  • Heavy duty rollers with welded ribs for opening the treads during spinning
  • Easy maintenance (lubrication once a week)

Quick Specifications

Dimensions (L x W x H)3430 x 3930 x 560mm

Weight3,500 kg

Diameter of roller320mm with a 10mm gauge steel

Brake disk280mm in Diameter

4 Heavy duty brakes on all rollers

8 Extra heavy duty SKF taper lock bearings, mounted into cast housing units, built to with stand all environments and conditions