Spray Cannon
The Spray Cannon range by Garic is composed of ten dust control units which provide you with options based on performances and size of the area covered by the nebulized water.

With the control of hazardous dust emissions becoming ever more regulated and the need for more efficient damping down and odour control systems, the spray cannon range has been developed with a unique misting solution which enables the cannons to spray water particles as fine as 10 microns. This ‘fog’ binds together with the airborne dust and falls quickly and safely to the ground. The cannons are also available with a supplementary pump to enable the addition of chemical additives to the spray which can assist with the management of odours.

The comprehensive range includes 15 models ranging from the SC5 handheld cannon right through to the heavy duty SC100 and is complemented by a spray wall system for external use and a high pressure system for indoor applications such as warehousing. The SC15, SC35, SC45 and SC60s can also be supplemented with an individual self-supporting system consisting of a water bowser and generator.

Despite having a powerful spraying distance of up to 100m, the cannons in the self-supporting range operate on smaller generators than their industry counterparts which translate to lower fuel bills. For example, based on the SC45ss model, running costs could be slashed by up to £60 per week compared to a comparable competitor product.

And as with many of our products, the spray cannon range is available for a one week only minimum hire period making the series not only one of the most versatile but also one of the most flexible solutions for dusty and hazardous sites.

  • Demolition and asbestos removal sites

  • Concrete production plants

  • Recycling sites and biomass processing plants

  • Soil remediation works

  • Steel and slag handling sites

  • Wood and aluminium processing plants

  • Landfill sites

  • Ports

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