Enviro Wheel Wash
Our enviro wheel wash is the ideal solution for demolition, quarrying and ground works sites where trucks, dumpers and lorries are regularly passing through heavy duty mud, dirt and debris.

In these environments it is essential to keep vehicle wheels and underbody chassis clean to reduce the spread of dirt whilst not interrupting the flow of site traffic.

Our fully automated and totally self-sufficient enviro wheel wash is perfect for sites where sticky clay and mud can be a big problem. As vehicles pass through the wheel wash, exceptionally powerful jets spray water onto the wheels, chassis and undersides, cleaning the vehicles without them even needing to stop.

The wheel wash is environmentally friendly and utilises the latest water filtration technology combined with a 100 percent water recirculation system.

It doesn’t require an operative and is easy to maintain due to an innovative easy-clean water catchment area. Furthermore, it requires no electricity power source because it runs off a simple yet reliable 6” diesel pump.

The enviro wheel wash can be elevated and placed directly onto a surfaced area with ramps or excavated into the ground making it suitable for a large variety of sites.

Available for hire or purchase, our wheel washers are one of the most powerful and efficient ways to keep your fleet clean.

Product Code 300002