Fuel Pod Versatile FP-2500L
The FuelPod Versatile FP-2500L Bunded Tank has been designed with safety in mind. It safely secures the storage of bulk fuels and is designed for static application.

Key Features:

  • Maintenance & Environment – The Fuel Pod is comprised of an innovative double wall tank design which comes with a removable flow forge spill tray floor.

  • Dispensing & Accessibility – The Fuel Pod Bunded Tank Range has an easily accessible camlock fill pipe connection point conveniently located just inside the pedestrian door.

  • Safety & Security – The Fuel Pod Versatile Bunded Tank has a walk in pedestrian door with a secure 3 point locking system.

Typical applications include:

  • Prime Fuelling – The FuelPod is the go to fuelling solution across the construction, industrial and farming sector

  • Emergency – The FuelPods innovative and flexible design allows for quick refuelling and deployment.

  • Standby Fuel – The FuelPod Range can be engaged as a secondary or standby bulk fuel source.

Unit Name Fuel Pod Versatile FP-2500L
Product Code 219100
Capacity 2500L
Height 1535mm
Weight, Laden 3628kg
Weight, Tare 865kg