Interceptor Drip Trays
Garic’s Interceptor Drip Tray is the only system available which uniquely allows rainwater to pass through whilst securely retaining oil, fuel and oil-based chemicals.

This simple yet highly effective design which negates the need for filters or chemicals, giving you instant environmental protection by preventing costly fuel and oil leaks.

The tray works on the principle that oil floats on water so during initial set up the main base of the drip tray is charged with two inches of water. As liquid falls into the tray, any oil and fuel naturally separates from the water leaving the water to pass safely through the interceptor outlet hole. The amount of oil and fuel retained in the tray is monitored by a sight gauge and when full, the residue can be removed ready for safe disposal at a licensed disposal site.

The interceptor drip tray is available in a wide range of sizes up to 6’x4’ and we can also manufacture a bespoke unit to your own specification. This means the tray can be used with a huge variety of site equipment including generators, compressors and pumps.

To discuss how you can safeguard your site from costly fuel leaks, call 03300 948060.

Product Code 240610