Re-Circulating Washbays
This unit is designed to recirculate cleaning water and remove debris and also separate free oils via two stages of oil interception. The unit will not remove soluble i.e.. Drilling and cutting oils.

  • 3000 litre environmentally friendly recirculating wash bay with appropriately sized settlement cistern

  • Fully dismountable wash bay unit with removable containment walls ensures ease of transporting for future applications

  • Fully removable wash bay Ambideck for ease of cleaning

  • Wash bay acts as debris pre-settlement area

  • Used water is filtered against heavy solids via covered grille prior to scavenging pump, free oils are intercepted at this stage as water is lifted via a dip-tube below water surface

  • Water returning to clean side of cistern is filtered via sediment bag at 100 microns

  • Filter basket ensures ease of removal of sediment bags at service intervals

  • Weir walls within settlement cistern provide secondary indemnity against any sediment passage within returned water to clean side of settlement cistern

  • System is fully mains backed up by WRAS approved electronically controlled settlement cistern – this prevent overfills from mains backup and reduces nuisance discharging into overflow IBC

  • IBC provides overflow cover in the event that water is displaced by debris within wash bay

  • High performance on-demand pump ensures a reliable water supply to pressure washer from settlement cistern

  • Karcher HDS 10/20-4M 3-phase pressure wash delivers water as steam at up to 155 degrees Celsius for maximum grease cutting action 5 micron pressure wash water supply pre-filter ensures that no debris enters the unit

  • The unit is designed so that water is not inverted into public sewers

Product Code 980001a