Water Tanker
Garic’s water tanker is perfect for larger sites that require a big reserve of water. Robust and mobile, these tanks allow a large store of water to be kept on site at all times to save on resources and unnecessary journeys.

The 6000g articulated water tanker comes complete with 4 x 5 metre lengths of 5cm armed delivery hose. There is a choice of three delivery options:

  • 62cm gravity feeds

  • 80cm Honda pump

  • 54cm 110v or 240v electric pump

There is a 5.08cm fill point and 2 manhole access fill points located on top of the tanker, these are accessed via the rear or side steps which include a walkway and safety rail. The tanker itself is a tri axle road tanker made out of food grade stainless steel.

This 40ft/12m tanker is delivered straight to your site, where the cab is released and the tanker is left for your usage. Separate taps can be set up, ideal for big events which require a large supply of potable water. The tanker is also useful for filling smaller water tanks such as Garic’s 2200g/ 10001l tank.

At Garic we also offer a variety of static water tanks from 220g/ 1000l to 2200g/ 10001l. We additionally stock a range of mobile water bowsers from 300g / 1363l to 6000g / 27276l. If there is anything specific that you require, please do not hesitate to get in touch and our friendly team who will be happy to assist in finding you the perfect solution. Servicing options are also available for water refills as and when required.

Typical applications for the 6000gal water tanker include, but are not restricted to:

  • House Building and Social Housing

  • Commercial Property

  • Construction Industrial

  • Events & Festivals

Unit Name 6000gal Water Tanker
Product Code 221810
Water tank capacity 6000g / 27276l