Welfare & Decontamination Unit
This unique unit combines a self-contained decontamination facility and a canteen area, as well as toilet facilities for operatives, into a single road-towable unit.

This construction saves valuable space, time and towing logistics. It is ideal for confined locations and is particularly useful where space is of the essence.

The body is constructed of GRP-faced ply-board, polished to both sides to give a robust, easy-to-clean finish. All of the floor areas are covered with hard wearing fibreglass gel coat to maximise durability. This unit conforms to HSG 247,VOSA requirements and other required legislation.

The chassis incorporates a single-axle, rated up to 1,500kg and uses a braked spring-damped tow hitch. For added stability the A-frame is welded to the chassis and the unit incorporates four corner-steadies.

Product Code Welfare & Decontamination Unit