Flexible temporary or permanent covered areas for your location.
With our inclement and unpredictable weather conditions, innovation is needed to keep projects on track and on budget.
A Zappshelter is a smart way to get under cover fast. Rapid to install and using only the most basic of equipment,
Zappshelter usually requires no planning permission to erect, and are easy to dismantle and relocate as needed.

Zappshelter provide flexible temporary or permanent covered areas for your location. They are available in a range of widths, and the lengths work perfectly with standard steel containers, concrete walls or Garic Welfare and Accommodation units.

Users have the opportunity to better utilise the space around and between containers ensuring no land is wasted. The introduction of Zappshelter opens up a whole host of further applications and possibilities, taking the container concept to a whole new level.

These site shelters are classed as temporary structures, and can typically be installed wherever containers or cabins are situated without the need for planning consent.

Typical applications include:

• Plant and vehicle maintenance areas
• Steel fabrication areas
• Site workshops
• Wash bays
• Shot-blast and paint bays
• Plant and vehicle storage
• Bulk material storage
• Aggregate and salt storage
• Delivery and stores areas site briefing and training areas
• Welfare areas
• Exhibitions, festivals and events
Product Code 70007