Typical applications include, but are not restricted to: shipping, generator/plant hire, transport, haulage.

Garic offers a brand new solution for fuel storage and fuel recovery to prevent potential contamination. The tank is mainly used for fuel storage, maintaining good quality of the fuel and preventing the formation of water or sludging. This system is designed to remove suspended water, asphaltines and contaminants from gas oil. This enables user to safely store and reuse the gas oil, avoiding the cost, hassle, and environmental impact caused by the unnecessary disposal of fuel.

The fuel recovery and polishing station has been designed in such a way that in the event of contaminated fuel being inadvertently introduced directly into storage, the switching of a couple of valves recirculates the tank’s contents back through its own dual-stage filtration system to rectify the error, returning the fuel to a healthy state. This process can also be effected periodically to help prevent the build-up of sludge forming bacteria within the fuel if it is to be stored for long periods of time.


  • General plant and equipment can be emptied of dirty fuel to be cleaned and recovered
  • Cost savings by cleaning fuel which would normally be disposed
  • Ensures clean fuel is always distributed
  • Less breakdowns on site
  • Cleanses contaminated diesel
  • 40,000 ltr storage capacity
  • Processes up to 120 ltrs of diesel per min
  • Removes water, ashphaltines, sludge, algae and other particulate matter
  • Recovers fuel from plant and machinery
  • Triple stage fuel filtration
  • Negates the need for disposing of 1000’s of ltrs of contaminated diesel fuel
  • Twin delivery nozzles
  • Fully bunded (min 110%) storage tank. (standard capacity 40,000ltrs)
  • Tank level gauge system (i-SITE?)
  • Fuel pre-filtered through 2x twin element particulate & coalescer units @ 25microns
  • Twin high flow 120 ltr per/min delivery pumps
  • Final fuel delivered via twin 10 micron fuel polisher units per nozzle
  • 1 x 10m x 1” hose reel c/w Electric E120 recovery pump with in-line one way valve at end
  • 2 x Mechanical flow meters
  • 2 x Auto shut-off 1” trigger filling nozzles.
  • 4 x Particle Filters (up to 10 micron) fuel polisher heads
  • Audible and visual capacity alarm to prevent over filling
  • Fuel level gauge and sight glass on the inner bund
  • Removable/portable wheeled industrial safety access ladder (for access to roof & ser­vice hatches)
  • Anti-slip serrated Ambi-deck flooring to all walkways (roof area and inner bund areas)
  • 2 x Lower access steps