For over 30 years, we have led the welfare and plant hire industry with exceptional service and ground breaking innovation that support infrastructure sites and other industries across the UK. Our products are regarded as some of the most innovative and eco-efficient on the market today.

We are approved distributors of the full range of Spill Control Solutions from basic spill kits to plant nappies and large scale spill control.

There are many typical pollution threats in the construction industry:

Construction source of spill

Concrete, cement & grout oil storage, refuelling & use chemicals & hazardous substances polluted soils and ground water contamination subsurfaces structures, silt & sediment.

Mechanism for spill propagation

Surface run-offs, drains, dewatering (contaminated groundwater), excavation, infiltration into ground, pathways created by foundations & excavations.

Impact Media

Rivers, canals, watercourses, recreational water users, aquifers & drinking water suppliers, soil, building occupiers (affected by vapours, odours, gas), ecological habitats.

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