Typical applications include:
Roads, Rail, Airports, Communications

Garic is now the go-to plant and equipment provider for contractors working on large infrastructure projects. We are involved with a growing number of major road, rail and airport construction and improvement schemes.


Working hand-in-hand with our infrastructure clients we have developed and adapted many of our products and services to ensure they have the best equipment for their needs. For example our solar products are ideal for locations without power and our extensive range of mobile products can be towed to virtually anywhere. We even have smaller units designed
specifically for restricted locations such as track sides.

If you are working at the side of a motorway, rail track or runway Garic can make sure you have all the right equipment.

Garic’s range of infrastructure products includes:
– Armadillos
– Mobile welfare vans
– Single and multiple solar loo units
– Tower lights
– Fuel and water bowsers

If you’re looking for a supplier with a track record for reliability, no matter what your deadline, call our team now on 03300 948060.