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Thinking Beyond the Box

Sustainability in Our DNA

It’s how we’ll minimise the environmental impact of building and construction.

By becoming your partner of choice for sustainable site solutions.

Making it easier for you to work more sustainably.

With truly sustainable solutions for your site welfare, environmental, and energy generation needs.

When You Need to Show Your Sustainable Credentials, Choose Garic

Garic customers win tenders and projects on the strength of their sustainability credentials. We’ll help you to do just the same.

Reduce Your Running Costs

Thinking Beyond Traditional Power Generation

Your site depends on a consistent, reliable power supply. For too long, that’s meant diesel generators. We’ve changed that. Microgrid is our sustainable, scalable power solution that uses solar energy and efficient battery storage to power your whole site. Even better, Microgrid reduces generator run times to drive down your fuel and running costs.

Take Sustainability on the Road

Thinking Beyond Welfare Units

How much fuel does it take to get your workers to your welfare units? How much time? How many emissions could be avoided and hours saved if you could take your welfare units to your workers? With Garic’s welfare van range, you can. Our sustainable hybrid welfare vans are suitable for up to seven people, and feature solar panels to provide hot water without using up expensive fuel.

Show Your Sustainability

Thinking Beyond Lip Service

It’s easy to say you’re sustainable. It’s another thing entirely to prove it. But by working with Garic, you can. We’re rated 15/15 – Excellent – by the Considerate Constructors Scheme on all three criteria, including care for the environment. Partnering with us instantly shows your customers that you’re just as serious about sustainability as we are.

Leading the Way With
Sustainable Services