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Thinking Beyond the Box

Tailored & Topped Up

We make servicing simple. One call, one tanker, and all of your units replenished and refilled and all your waste removed from site.

Whether you need us once a week, once a month, or right this minute because you’re running low on water and fuel, we’ll tailor a five star tanker servicing package to meet all your needs.

Whenever (and wherever) you need us, we’re there.

Why Garic?

Keep Costs Down & Morale Up

There’s more to regular servicing than better hygiene and comfortable staff. It’s about keeping costs down.

A well-serviced welfare unit is all about delivering better efficiency to your project. Keeping units well maintained keeps staff happy and productivity high, but it also drives costs down. By cutting your emissions, reducing spillages and wastage, and minimising the risk of theft, regular servicing offers real benefits for your project.

Sustainable Servicing

Our dedication to sustainability is evident in our servicing strategy. Our modern fleet and one-visit service model reduce carbon emissions and minimise the risk of fuel spillage and theft. By delivering precisely what is needed directly to the units and avoiding onsite storage, we promote a safer, more environmentally friendly service.

State of the Art Servicing Fleet

We boast a modern, efficient servicing fleet capable of performing a full range of services with minimal environmental impact. This state-of-the-art fleet is designed to provide 5-star service, ensuring that water and fuel are replenished and waste is removed efficiently, adhering to the highest standards of safety and environmental care.

FORS Fleet Operator

Our transport and servicing team pride themselves on safe and economical driving, earning the FORS (Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme) Gold accreditation for six consecutive years. This achievement underscores our commitment to excellence in fleet operation, highlighting our dedication to safety, efficiency, and environmental responsibility.

Results That Speak For Themselves


Litres of fuel delivered*


Litres of water replenished*


Litres of effluent waste collected*

*Results from 2023

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