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Interceptor Wash Bay 12
Clean site equipment whilst separating your waste and water

Interceptor Wash Bay 12

The eco friendly wash bay evolved following the success of our highly effective interceptor drip tray which allows water to pass through whilst securely retaining oil, fuel and oil-based chemicals.

The Interceptor Wash Bay 12 allows you to clean site equipment safe in the knowledge that as the dirty water is draining away, any oil or fuel residue is being contained in the reservoir tray.

Its versatility means you can safely wash a huge variety of equipment from generators to dump trucks without the worry of fuel leaking into the ground or drainage system.

Smaller equipment is placed directly into the wash bay whilst larger units can be positioned via a ramp entry system or an alternative lifting method. Once the washing process is complete, you can be assured that the filtered water will have drained away, leaving the dirt, fuel, oil and grease securely in the reservoir for easy removal.

Site level gauge (oil level indicator) & protector
Interceptor drip tray with integral oil interceptor
External ramps available for larger equipment
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Product Code
Oil holding capacity
1073L / 236gal
3.6 x 1.8m / 12 x 6ft
Min hire period
1 Week

Key Features

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Site level gauge (oil level indicator) & protector
Site level gauge
Interceptor drip tray with oil resevoir tray
Interceptor drip tray
External ramps available for larger equipment
External ramps
Interceptor Wash Bay 12
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