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Enviro Wheel Wash 14

Enviro Wheel Wash 14

As the most compact powered unit in our range, the Enviro Wheel Wash 14 is tailored for small, low-traffic areas and projects with limited space. Specifically suitable for urban developments facing space constraints and challenges with dirt. The Enviro Wheel Wash 14 allows quick deployment without requiring movement orders, ensuring minimal on-site disruption during setup. It stands out as the smallest powered spray wash product in our lineup.

Rumble bars agitate treads which are then cleaned using high-pressure, automatic spray jets. This process ensures a 360° clean of standard tipper lorry tyres. Its outstanding design means that travelling very slowly through the unit achieves a clean similar to our much larger units.

Please note that a 25mm water supply is required to give the unit its initial fill and keep topped up. Waste water is minimised as it is automatically recirculated from the containing sump beneath.

Power via existing mains supply or using a stand-alone supply such as our Solar Energy Store
Flush-fit by digging into the ground to 325mm or above ground using rumble ramps.
Rumble bars help agitate dirt before.
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Product Code
18 x 7ft / 5.4 x 2.1m

Key Features

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The submersible pump can be plugged into an existing power supply or powered using a stand-alone supply such as our Solar Energy Store.
The unit can be installed flush with the ground by digging it down to only 325mm. Alternatively, if digging is not an option, the unit can be positioned 325mm above ground level, utilising a set of 3-meter rumble ramps.
Rumble bars agitate tyres and to help the jets remove dirt more easily.
Rumble bars
Enviro Wheel Wash 14
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