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Combi Cabin 34
A 34' two-part unit for up to 12 people

Combi Cabin 34

Capacity 12 people

The first section has a Gen Series 240v generator with a standard canteen and toilet layout. Optional configurations are available for the second section e.g. office, extra canteen and drying room.

The facilities include fresh water, waste and fuel tanks, flushing toilets, urinals, hot and cold water, hand dryers, heating, lighting and power generators.

With different options available, give us a call to discuss the configuration you need.

*Please note the configuration of this unit can be can be the same as any of our cabin range. Office/Canteen/ Drying/Changing Room. Depending on what configuration you have, extra waste tanks may be required. Due to the versatility of these units, the illustrations of the internal space are for information only.

Anti-vandal steel constructed unit
Different configurations available
Fully flushing WC, urinal and forearm sink
Add all your required products to your Hire List and submit for a quote.

Floor Plan

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Product Code
34 x 9ft / 10.3 x 2.7m
Dry weight
6500Kg + 1700Kg
Tank capacity
268L / 59gal.
Min hire period
1 Week
Mobile or Static
Power type
Waste tank capacity
864L / 190gal.
Water tank capacity
795L / 175gal

Key Features

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Anti-vandal steel constructed unit with multi-point anti-vandal door for every environment
Combi Cabin 34
Different configurations available to suit your needs
Different configurations
Fully flushing WC, urinal and forearm sink keeping you compliant
Fully flushing WC,
Combi Cabin toilet
Combi Cabin 34
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