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1+1 Toilet Block 10

1+1 Toilet Block 10

Powered by our proven solar technology, this is a standalone steel constructed anti-vandal 2 toilets and shower unit.  It comes equipped with fully-flushing toilets, forearm regulation sinks with hot and cold running water, touch-free hand dryers, separate shower, changing area and PIR lighting.

Diesel powered water and heating system with a radiator in each cubicle.

The generator-free, self-contained unit requires very little maintenance, reduces Co2 emissions and cuts fuel bills dramatically.

Complies with CDM regulations and 1 unit is suitable for use by 25 people.

Solar panels captures energy to power the unit.
Hot water, dryer & elbow sink is fitted in this unit to comply with regulations.
Heating throughout this unit to give your team a comfortable space.
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Floor Plan

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Product Code
10x8ft / 3 x 2.4m
Power type
Hybrid Solar
Unit name
Solar Loo Twin + Shower
Waste tank capacity
180g / 820lt
Water tank capacity
132g / 600lt

Key Features

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Solar panels capture energy to power the unit with clean energy.
Solar panels
The hot water, dryer, and elbow sink in this unit meet regulations and keep your site compliant.
Hot water, dryer & elbow sink
An energy-efficient heating system ensures that your team enjoys a warm and comfortable environment while minimizing overall energy consumption.
Heated shower cubicle with a seated changing area.
Environmental Benefits

Solar-powered, generator-free unit

Fuel efficient and low Co2 emissions

1+1 Toilet Block 10
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