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  • Enviro Bath 12

    • Unpowered lagoon helps clean the vehicle efficiently and sustainably.
    • Steel fabricated wash area is durable and easy to clean.
    • Rumble bars help agitate and remove dirt before, during, and after the water lagoon.
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  • Enviro Wheel Wash 14

    • Power via existing mains supply or using a stand-alone supply such as our Solar Energy Store
    • Flush-fit by digging into the ground to 325mm or above ground using rumble ramps.
    • Rumble bars help agitate dirt before.
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  • Enviro Wheel Wash 24

    • Elevated configuration is a quick set-up and removal on short-term sites.
    • Sunken configuration can come with or without ramps and requires lagoon to be dug out.
    • Recycles and re-circulates water to help you minimise your water usage on site.
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Site Wheel Washing

Wheel washing not only helps to keep your fleet vehicles clean and professional but is also a legislative requirement at many sites, particularly those in residential areas.

If you need to cater for a moderate amount of traffic, we’d recommend our Enviro Bath 12, or, for sites with more stringent environmental needs, we also offer the Enviro Wheel Wash 14.

Our range of quality options ensures we’ll have one to suit your requirements.

Whatever your sector, wherever your site, we’re here to help.