Wheel Washing

Wheel Washing

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  • Enviro Bath 12

    • Unpowered lagoon helps clean the vehicle efficiently and sustainably.
    • Steel fabricated wash area is durable and easy to clean.
    • Rumble bars help agitate and remove dirt before, during, and after the water lagoon.
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  • Enviro Wheel Wash 14

    • Power via existing mains supply or using a stand-alone supply such as our Solar Energy Store
    • Flush-fit by digging into the ground to 325mm or above ground using rumble ramps.
    • Rumble bars help agitate dirt before.
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  • Enviro Wheel Wash 24

    • Elevated configuration is a quick set-up and removal on short-term sites.
    • Sunken configuration can come with or without ramps and requires lagoon to be dug out.
    • Recycles and re-circulates water to help you minimise your water usage on site.
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