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Enviro Bath 12

Enviro Bath 12

The Enviro Bath 12 is an inexpensive yet very efficient vehicle wash system. It is ideal for sites that have moderate mud and dirt and for use on flat, solid surfaces. It’s quick and easy to install, too so you can start using it straight away.

Trucks, dumpers, and lorries are cleaned as they drive over a series of rumble strips that shake off the heaviest earth. They are then washed as the wheels, chassis, and undersides pass through a water lagoon to provide a quick, safe, and effective cleaning system. If required, extra road rumble strips are available.

Please note that a 25mm water supply is required to give the unit its initial fill and keep it topped up.

Unpowered lagoon helps clean the vehicle efficiently and sustainably.
Steel fabricated wash area is durable and easy to clean.
Rumble bars help agitate and remove dirt before, during, and after the water lagoon.
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Product Code
3.6 x 2.1m / 12 x 7ft

Key Features

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The unpowered lagoon helps clean the vehicle efficiently. As no power is required, there is no need for power or fuel, saving you money and emissions.
Unpowered lagoon
The steel fabricated wash area is durable and easy to clean.
Steel fabricated
Rumble bars help agitate dirt before, during, and after entering the water lagoon.
Rumble bars
Enviro Bath 12
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