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Solar IBC 1000
The perfect add-on for any site cabin, handwash or boot wash

Solar IBC 1000

Our robust solar-powered self-contained IBC is the perfect solution, even for remote sites. With a high-pressure water pump that’s powered by dual batteries, charged by a 325w solar panel, there’s no need for a generator. So, when it gets to you all you need to do is add water and it is ready for use!

If needed, it can also be used with an add-on waste tank complete with submersible pump and can have a mains water fill attachment added too.

Easy fill cap and fill level sight gauge
Delivered fully assembled with lifting eyes and fork pockets
Tiltable solar panel charges the batteries
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Product Code
(L)1640 x (W)1085 x (H)1443
Dry weight
Unit name
Solar IBC

Key Features

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Easy fill cap and fill level sight gauge
Easy fill cap
Delivered fully assembled with fork pockets and lifting eyes for lifting via crane or Hiab
Delivered fully assembled
SOLAR IBC lifting eyes
Tiltable solar panel charges the batteries giving you 4 hours of usage on one charge
Tiltable solar panel
Completely solar powered

No need for a generator to power the pump – the dual batteries are charged solely by the solar panel. So you can rest assured you’re not pumping unnecessary emissions or noise in to the local area when you need water.

Solar IBC 1000
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