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Hybrid Tower Light

Hybrid Tower Light

The main benefit of these tower lights is that they can be used in urban areas with strict noise restrictions and are super silent when working from battery power.
These Tower Lights have always been a leader in lowering carbon emissions, plus an added benefit of lowering operating running costs, they can also be charged from mains power. The VT-Hybrid lighting tower features LED floodlights which are powered by rechargeable batteries and have a running time of up 8 hours.


LED floodlights with instant, bright light.
AMOS Safety System automatically lowers mast if moved.
Diesel generator efficiently powers the built-in battery.
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Product Code
Min hire period
1 Week
Power source
Solar Hybrid
Unit name
Hybrid Tower Light

Key Features

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Four LED floodlights provide instant, bright light with no warm-up period.
LED floodlights
The Automatic Mast Operating Safety System (AMOS) Safety System automatically lowers the mast when moved. This prevents the mast from hitting overhead power cables.
AMOS Safety System
The diesel generator charges the built-in battery to efficiently power the tower lights. This method reduces fuel, emissions, and noise.
Diesel generator
Environmental Benefits

Reduces CO2 output by 888kg per month.

Auto start/stop sensor reduces fuel and fuel costs.

12 units fit on a 40ft wagon, saving on delivery emissions and costs.

Hybrid Tower Light
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