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Enviro Wheel Wash 24

Enviro Wheel Wash 24

Our fully automated and totally self-sufficient Enviro Wheel Wash 24 is perfect for sites where sticky clay and mud can be a big problem. As vehicles pass through the wheel wash, automatic, powerful jets spray water onto the wheels, chassis and undersides, cleaning the vehicles in one fluid motion.

Available in two configurations: elevated or sunken.

A 25mm water supply is required to give the unit its initial fill and keep topped up.

Elevated configuration is a quick set-up and removal on short-term sites.
Sunken configuration can come with or without ramps and requires lagoon to be dug out.
Recycles and re-circulates water to help you minimise your water usage on site.
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Key Features

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The Elevated Enviro Wheel Wash configuration can be placed directly onto a surfaced area with ramps, perfect for quick set-up and removal on short-term sites. This configuration requires a flat, level surfaced area and enough space for the vehicle to enter and exit the wheel wash.
Elevated configuration
This wash is customisable, offering the option with or without ramps based on your preference for ground penetration. While the lagoon always requires digging in, you have the flexibility to choose whether to fully embed the wash into the ground, eliminating the necessity for ramps.
Sunken configuration
Water is recycled and re-circulated to help you minimise your water usage on site. The filtration system removes unwanted dirt to provide debris-free water to clean the next vehicle.
Recycles and re-circulates water
Steel rumble ramps help remove debris before the vehicle enters the wheel wash.
Steel rumble
The built-in diesel pump powers the wheel wash so there's no need for an additional power source.
Sensors start the automatic water jets when a vehicle enters the wheel wash and turn off after the vehicle drives out. This helps reduce fuel.
Enviro Wheel Wash 24
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