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Solar Energy Store 20

Solar Energy Store 20

Developed to provide a fully automated 24/7 off grid power supply integrating renewable power and storage with a diesel/HVO powered backup generator to reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

During daytime operation the energy created by the photovoltaic solar panels is harvested and stored in a large AGM/absorbed glass mat battery pack. The standby generator is configured to run only when the batteries are depleted or when there is a high AC /actual current load.

This solar energy store is ideally set up to power 3 open plan cabins, toilet blocks, or similar.

Telematics lets you easily track all key values for auditing purposes.
GPS monitors location for security.
Solar Panels charge the built-in battery to maximise clean energy capture.
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Product Code
6.6 x 2.44 x 2.59m
Power type
Hybrid Solar
Unit name
Solar Energy Store

Key Features

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Key data including fuel level, power input and output, and performance, can be tracked and shared with you by our analytical team. This makes it easier for you to audit and put energy-saving measures in place on-site.
Built-in GPS monitors location for security (requires GSM system to report).
12 solar panels capture energy to store in the built-in battery bank. This then supplies your site with clean energy, and reduces your carbon footprint.
Solar Panels
The built-in battery bank stores solar energy to supply your site with clean power. It can also be automatically topped-up by the built-in, stage 5, HVO-ready generator.
Battery bank
The built-in, stage 5, HVO-ready generator is on hand to ensure you're never without power. If required, it automatically tops up the battery, so there's no need for you to do anything.
Stage 5 HVO-ready generator
Anti-vandal construction significantly reduces the risk of disruptions to your project, ensuring a secure and uninterrupted workflow for optimal productivity.
Anti-vandal construction
Environmental Benefits

Reduces energy costs by using solar energy instead of a generator 24/7.

Reduces carbon footprint by minimising diesel-powered energy.

Easily track usage with telematics to make energy-saving changes on-site.

Solar Energy Store 20
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