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Solar Loo 8

Solar Loo 8

The Solar Loo 8 was the first of its kind when it launched. Sites loved it then, just as much as they do today. It earned the Green Apple Award for Innovation back in 2002 and continues to impress people today.

Each Solar Loo 8 toilet unit comes fully equipped with a flushing WC, urinal, hot and cold water, hot air hand dryer and environmentally friendly 12v LED lighting.

They are the only solar-powered portable toilets for hire which come complete with integral tanks and the absence of a generator means these cost-effective solar loos have very low servicing costs.

With a minimum hire period of only one week, a Solar Loo 8 is the ideal solution for all your temporary toilet needs.



Toilet & Urinal featuring fully flushing system for enhanced hygiene and waterless urinal.
Solar panels captures energy to power the unit.
Hot hand dryer & elbow sink is fitted in this unit to comply with regulations.
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Floor Plan

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Product Code
2.4 x 1.4m / 8 x 4.5ft
Dry weight
Tank capacity
68L / 15gal.
Min hire period
1 Week
Power type
Unit name
8x5 Solar Loo
Waste tank capacity
409L / 90gal
Water tank capacity
364L / 80gal

Key Features

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Fully flushing system for enhanced hygiene and ensures optimal cleanliness and user satisfaction.
Toilet & Urinal
Solar panels captures energy to power the unit with clean energy.
Solar panels
Hot hand dryer and an elbow sink that complies with regulations.
Hot hand dryer & elbow sink
The solar loo boasts a solid steel construction, reducing the risk of vandalism and disruptions. Built to last all environments.
Secure steel construction
Environmental Benefits

Reduces fuel costs and emissions through patented solar system.

Waterless urinal helps save water.

Generator-free unit uses solar energy for power and minimal diesel for the heating system

Solar Loo 8
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