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Thinking Beyond the Box

Why Choose Garic

Garic is the first choice for companies across the infrastructure, public sector, utilities and construction sectors who need to run their sites smoothly, safely, and sustainability.

Why? Because we’re problem solvers. We’re focused on understanding you, understanding your projects, and understanding your goals.

Then once we understand you, we help you deliver on all of your promises with expert assistance, best-in-class products, and the know-how to make it simpler than ever to work more sustainably.

For sustainability, for service, for simplicity. Garic is thinking beyond the box.

Site Managers Choose Garic for Our Quality and Expertise

We’re here to help you plan and manage your sites, to look after your workforce, and to win tenders with a genuine commitment to sustainability. Here’s how.


Thinking beyond today’s targets

Sustainability is in our DNA. Partnering with us lets you tap into years of innovation, from the world’s first solar loo to the latest renewable energy generation products. With our commitment to sustainability, we’ll help you win tenders by demonstrating your commitment to environmental targets – and reduce your running costs.


Service beyond your site

Garic might be well known for our welfare units, but we offer much more than just equipment hire. We’re your partner, not your provider, and we’ll build a personal relationship that helps us better understand and better solve your problems – from on site services, to bespoke infrastructure and budget planning.

One less thing to worry about

Your work is complex enough. Managing your own requirements, handling the demands of compliance and staff welfare, and meeting the expectations of customers can be complicated. Garic does everything we can to make it as simple and straightforward to manage your energy, welfare and protection – and to meet your environmental responsibilities.

People Choose Garic
for our Values

A History of Innovation
A History of Excellence

The Garic story begins way back in 1988.
Our plans stretch forward into the next decade, and beyond.
Here’s the story so far… 


A star is born

On February 12, 1988, a new company is incorporated. It’s called Shuttleworth Plant Hire Limited, and will trade under that name for the next decade. You’ll come to know us by a different name.


A world first innovation

Simplicity and sustainability. They’re the heart of everything we do now, but in 1995, they were new values, shown off superbly in our simple and effective interceptor drip tray. After securing a world patent, we set out to protect the environment.


… Say hello to Garic

And on July 25, 2001, the company formerly known as Shuttleworth Plant Hire announced itself to the world with an official rebrand. We were now Garic, and our reputation was about to take off.


Award-winning Loos

Our new brand was followed by new ideas and international recognition. In 2002, the Green Apple Award for innovative design and environmental best practice was handed to the Garic Solar Loo. It wouldn’t be our last award, or our last eco-friendly product.


Garic goes mobile

Already widely known for our static welfare structures, in 2003 Garic took comfort mobile with the launch of our first welfare vans. We’d keep developing and improving on this idea for another 20 years.


Investment from Bibby Group

Just to prove how successful Garic had become, 2008 saw huge investment and a takeover from the Bibby Group, whose leadership would see us through to our 30 year anniversary and beyond.


A new word in sustainability. Armadillo.

In 2011, we launched our hard-wearing, sustainable and towable unit, the Armadillo Eco. But we also had bigger ideas for eco-friendly welfare units. Ones that wouldn’t fit in a trailer.


Our first expansion, Sandy

With Garic’s expertise in demand across the UK, we needed to open up a new depot. With our Sandy depot up and running, we could now service the South of England far more easily.


A big idea realised

Taking what we’d learned from the Armadillo, Garic launched the industry’s most environmentally friendly series of welfare units - the Combi Cabin Eco Series+. Within the year, it’d won us Product of the Year at the builder and engineer awards.


More products, in more places

In 2016, we unveiled a new growth strategy to open up even more depots - starting with Dudley in the West Midlands, and launched new additions to the Eco Series+ range, our sustainable toilet blocks and drying rooms.


More growth, more awards

A first depot in Scotland. Another industry award - this time the highest gold standard FORS recognition. And an industry first with the revolutionary i-SITE remote monitoring system to reduce the costs and environmental impacts of site servicing.


Even bigger solar developments

Building on our most successful services, we added the Armadillo Eco XL unit to our catalogue. We also took our first steps into larger scale energy generation with the Solatainer. Not a bad way to celebrate 30 years in business.


Back on the road with the Hybrid Welfare Van

In 16 years of operating our welfare vans across the UK, we’d learned a lot. And developments in electric vehicle technology meant we’d be able to upgrade once again, improving both sustainability and service with the hybrid welfare van.


Congratulations, it’s twins

18 years after winning awards for our solar loo, we went back to the bathrooms to unveil the Garic Solar Loo Twin and Shower, and the Solar IBC and Wash stations. But we weren’t finished improving our range.


Old favourites, new technology

As technology continued to progress, so did our range of products and services. Garic’s site planners could now recommend the new and improved Combi Cabin Eco 1.5, and the Armadillo Halo, offering even better sustainability to our customers.


Bigger and better

And in 2022, fresh from years of development and improvement, we were able to announce the Armadillo 4.0 and Armadillo XL 4.0 units - new and improved versions of our most highly-used products. Plus, of course, a new generation of Hybrid Welfare 2.0 vans.



Whether it’s creating new products from scratch, or bringing new innovations to tried and tested favourites, our history isn’t one of looking back. It’s one of looking forwards, to the next development that allows us to offer you more simplicity, sustainability and service than ever before.