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Thinking Beyond the Box

Online Site Planner - Coming Soon!

Intelligent Site Planning
for Every Sector

Step One:
You Outline the Project

Tell us everything you’re trying to achieve. How many people will be working on your site, the kind of project you’re running, your deadlines, the site’s location and team.

Step Two:
We Bring Our Experience

With decades of industry experience, backed by our intelligent design tools, we’ll study your specifications and plan your entire site. We’ll look at everything – welfare units and modular buildings, power generation and lighting, decontamination and dust control. Everything planned and placed for sustainability and efficiency.

Step Three:
You Get Started. Simple.

Garic makes site design simple. We’ll send you our
recommendations, discuss your requirements in detail, and
source and supply every single thing you need. All you do is use
our smart online tool. We’ll handle the rest.

Plan Your
Site Now

The Garic intelligent online site planner will provide a total planning solution, complete with eco-friendly options to help you meet your sustainability goals. In the meantime, simply tell us about your site and our team will help plan everything for you!

We’re here to answer all your questions.