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Solar Power Frame

Solar Power Frame

Solar Power Frame (SPF) is a straightforward and efficient solution for supplying solar power to welfare cabins and accommodation units.

This solid steel frame fits seamlessly and securely onto any 24ft x 9ft cabin with ISO corners or mounted on the floor.

Each Solar Power Frame can generate up to 3.2 kW of power, providing energy for heating, lighting, and plug sockets. Plus, during periods of low demand or abundant solar input, any additional power is redirected to a connected Solar Energy Store or battery storage unit.

This sustainable power solution helps you to minimise generator run time, cutting down on fuel costs and carbon emissions. For larger site setups, multiple frames can be connected to meet growing power demands as sites expand.

Up to 3.2kW of energy is generated from each Solar Power Frame.
24x9 Unit compatible with our branded units or third-parties.
Floor mounted giving you the option of increasing solar capture without a roof.
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Product Code
24ft x 9ft / 7.3m x 2.7m

Key Features

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Up to 3.2kW of clean, solar energy generated from each Solar Power Frame that can be used to power your site.
Up to 3.2kW of energy
Every Solar Power Frame can be added on top of any 24x9 unit, including other suppliers' units. This gives you flexibility in maximising that all-important clean energy.
24x9 Unit
If you don't have the option to add the Solar Power Frame to a roof, it can be mounted on the ground to help you maximise solar energy capture on-site.
Floor mounted
Environmental Benefits

Reduces your sites carbon emissions by generating up to 3.2.kW of emission-free solar energy.

Reduces fuel costs by generating solar energy compared to fossil-fuel power generation methods.

Multiple frames can work together to generate even more clean energy.

Microgrid compatible.


Solar Power Frame
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