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AceCube Versatile deal stacks up for Garic Ltd.

Garic has just signed up to be a priority distribution for DyMac Global, this official agreement will enable the UK’s leading plant and welfare facilities supplier to offer its customers yet another highly innovative, intelligently designed product – transportable and stackable steel bunded fuel storage tanks.

The DyMac Global range of AceCube versatile fuel storage tanks are perfect for anyone who needs a secure and intelligent fuelling solution. The AceCube versatile tanks range from 450L to 6,300L, The FuelTainers range from 12,000L to 110,000L, and the Fuelpods range from 2,500L to 18,000L.

Commenting on this new fuel storage tank product range is Garic’s business development co-ordinator, Thomas Bannon. “Soon after the new product review process was carried out by Garic our team quickly understood that this fuel storage tank range from DyMac Global would fit in with our company ethos, as our customers are well versed in product design and quality and have come to expect the best, so by offering this new intelligently designed fuel storage tank we would continue providing customer satiation and in turn, grow our business along the way.

“Over the last few weeks we have been carrying out product demonstrations to the construction, demolition, power generation and house building sectors and have enjoyed very positive feedback – the response has been so good that we have sold more than half our stock in this short product launch period.

The AceCube Versatile fuel storage tanks are multi functional in design, they can run 3 pieces of machinery or equipment at one time and the secondary hatch lid offers real versatility, the intelligent design has bidirectional forklift access and the stacking corners double as lifting hooks which is very convenient for the user when negotiating the tight spaces of UK building sites.

The AceCube Versatile Fuel Storage tank really is class leading as it allows the user to cover all their needs when considering there direct fuelling or refuelling needs. Garic are looking forward to providing safe, secure and intelligent refuelling solutions to the UK.

Here are DyMac’s Martin Laverty (left) and Damian McCabe (right) with Garic MD Colin Hotchkiss.

For more information about our Ace Cube products see

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