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Day in the Life of…

In the second of a new series of insights into what happens behind the scenes at Garic, we talk to the Customer Experience Manager to delve into the Day in the Life of… Tim Carroll.

How long have you worked for Garic?

I’m in my fifteenth year now.

What does your job involve?

As the Customer Experience Manager my job mainly involves being a master of communication! To ensure that everything runs smoothly for the customer, from the initial query right through to products going off hire, I liaise with every department within Garic including the hire desk, fleet management and stock management departments and transport desks.

I manage a team of 14 people including product trainers and customer service co-ordinators.

What are your roles and responsibilities?

My main responsibility is making sure the customer receives a first class standard of service from our hire and service teams. Probably the most crucial part of my role is to oversee that everything is processed correctly at each stage so there are no problems further down the line. This includes double-checking special instructions such as site time restrictions right through to transport issues, stock levels and making sure customers have a point of contact with any queries.

Garic is very customer centric and my role is often to also act as a consultant. Not everyone knows exactly what the best product is for their needs and it’s my job to ensure they have the best site welfare solution, are being compliant and getting the best value. Going for the cheapest option isn’t always advisable if for example, the running costs outweigh the saving and the product doesn’t fulfil all your needs.

What do you like most about your job?

Definitely liaising with customers and all the different characters you get to speak to; I just love talking to people! Getting feedback, seeing improvements and making a difference gives me a real buzz.

What makes Garic a good company to work for?

That despite the unprecedented growth I’ve seen in the company over the last 15 years and its acquisition by the Bibby Line Group, there’s still a family business feel. Everyone has drive, commitment and a shared ambition to provide the best service possible – and that makes my job a whole lot easier!

Three hashtags you’d associate with Garic?

#Quality #BestHireSolutions #CustomerFirst

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