Here at Garic, we are absolutely delighted to announce that for the fourth successive year we have maintained the prestigious FORS Gold rating. This rating proves our continuing exceptional customer service and outstanding product innovations all brought together with our commitment to the best operating practices. 

The FORS, or Fleet Operation Recognition Scheme, is a voluntary accreditation scheme that prompts good practice and aims to raise the standard of quality within a fleet, with a focus on environmental protection, efficiency and safety. To achieve the Gold status for a fourth successive year demonstrates the ability of each and every one of our exceptional operators to meet exacting standards. As a FORS Gold operator, we actively promote these standards to our supply chain partners, and we also produce a case study documenting our journey of progression through to the top level accreditation, all in the hope of imparting these high standards amongst all other operators.

In addition to this, we are also immensely proud of the fact that our FORS status changed from SOCA (Single Operating Centre Accreditation) to a MOCA (Multi Operating Centre Accreditation), and yet we were still able to maintain our FORS Gold rating, this really is down to the wonderful work of all our team members. Our fleet increased in size, and yet our high standards were maintained throughout all our depots, well done to our team!

Over the course of this incredibly tough year, we have strived to maintain and improve our standards, ensuring that we keep our fleet operators safe in the face of these unprecedented risks to everyone’s health and wellbeing. Our wonderful operators have managed to maintain their exemplary levels of best practice in safety, efficiency and environmental protection.

Once more, a massive congratulations to all of our exceptional team members who have helped us to gain this prestigious award for the fourth consecutive year, despite the challenges we have all faced.

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