Garic Excellence Award Highlights 2022

The Garic Excellence awards took place on Thursday 14th July at the Midland Hotel in Manchester. This was the first year that we held a dedicated excellence awards ceremony to provide a special day for our colleagues who were nominated for their efforts and achievements over the last 12 months.

Garic Excellence Award Highlights 2022

Leading up to the awards day, we asked our colleagues to have their say, and nominate each other for the categories ranging from ‘The Busy Bee Award’ to ‘Human Wikipedia’. These awards were on top of our usual categories of ‘Depot of the Year’ and ‘Most improved team’ and gave everyone a fair chance of being nominated for an award.

The Award Highlights

After the passing of one of our drivers, Mark Taylor, the award for ‘Driver of the Year’ was renamed in Mark’s honour to the ‘The Mark Taylor Driver of The Year Award.’ The award was presented by Mark’s manager, Mark Booth, who read out a message on behalf of Mark Taylor’s wife, Anita, which included the quote below.

“Mark always told me, and I agree, that ‘ALL Garic Drivers’ are super amazing in the work you do each day. Mark was one of your colleagues and proud to be a part of your daily working life. The drivers of Garic were Mark’s real family and I thank you all for taking care of him when working together, and now remembering him in this honourable way”

Congratulations to all the winners and shortlisters, and thank you to all our teams across the business who achieve great things every day.

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