Garic’s customers have their say

Making sure Garic’s customers are happy is very important. Not just because the company knows that establishing long term working relationships is key to a healthy business but because satisfied clients make the best advocates – referrals really matter.

Just over a year ago Garic introduced a new management tool as part of its customer relationship management procedures to help identify how clients feel about its products and services. We are delighted that the feedback has been so encouraging.

Garic’s customer experience manager Tim Carroll explains: “The new initiative, which centres on a simple 8-question survey, aims to help us get closer to our clients by understanding what aspects of our work they like and where we could improve. It gives us the opportunity to assess exactly where changes can be made.

“Each month we analyse the feedback and generate rating statistics including a net promoter score so that we can track our performance. This particular score has been consistently good throughout the year and in fact has risen a little more to 67 in the last few weeks. The highest possible score is 100, so although we are pleased with such positive responses, we will be working hard to address any issues and to keep improving.

“Gathering this kind of information is really important to us and we are very grateful to all those people who have taken the time to tell us what they think. We’d love to hear from any of our customers who aren’t already involved in this initiative.”

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