Have you ever wondered how much our Eco products actually save?

We want to show you the value of our Eco range – and prove it’s not just a title we give to products to look the part. To do that, we’ve done some comparisons to give you an idea of what you could save if you hired some of our products for just a week!

Over 58% of our fleet is now Eco/Hybrid and we are striving to keep increasing this ratio. The solar energy that this element of our fleet delivers on a daily basis is enough to power the average UK home for 8 months! One day for EIGHT MONTH’S power! We’re pretty proud of that!

Did you know we have 30 Hybrid vans in our fleet? The CO2 they collectively save every year is the same as the emissions of two FULL Boeing 737’s on a return flight between Paris and New York!  

Take a look below at some of the other comparisons we’ve pulled together:

Fun Garic Facts
Garic Eco Savings Comparison

Which one surprised you the most?

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