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International Women’s Day – Getting to know Zoe

In this final article of the series for International Women’s Day at Garic, we are getting to know Zoe, who is our Hire Desk Manager and is based at our Bury depot.

Starting the day

What is your morning routine?

Hit snooze, get up, coffee, shower, hair, make up…  and get out of the house before anyone wakes up!! ? My partner takes one for the team and does the morning shift at home.

Are you eating a full breakfast, smoothie, or is it a grab and go?

Elishas! Breakfast wraps are the business… Perhaps not for the waistline but a treat now and then never did anyone any harm. (She is another cracking woman we have in the business).

Your working day

Are you working from home or the depot?

I am now back in the office full time. That’s my personal preference, although we have adapted well to WFH and have great IT systems and support that have helped us through the pandemic.

Personally, I really like the social element of being in the depot, the face-to-face communication is vital as I manage our Hire Desk. Having my team around me is essential for me to give them my full support.

I travel in from Salford, and it takes between 30 mins and 1 hour depending on the traffic. I have joined the Village Gym since returning to the depot so I like to go there a few mornings a week to help beat the traffic.

What’s your first drink when you start work?

Java Lava!

How do you schedule your workday?

I have set things I do on certain days which are fixed to keep me on schedule. I then have blocks of time for projects and tasks/emails.

I like to come in the morning, assess my workload and put things in priority order, as do most people at Garic. It soon gets busy and there are many occasions where I run out of day!

What do you enjoy about work?

I love the environment and I love the people.

My management team inspire me to grow and develop both myself as a manager, and with my team. I am clear of the company targets but the appreciation and support I get with various obstacles I face on a daily basis is what brings me great job satisfaction.

Is there anything Garic could do to encourage some more women into construction?

Apprenticeship schemes – I would love us to have more of a female presence in production/workshop roles.

Your evening

What do you do when you get home?

Switch into “mum mode” ….Cooking, cleaning, bath time, bedtime stories, and cuddles!

Often, I log on and send a few emails/review reports etc. I make the most of some quiet time to review my emails and as it can be hectic during the day. It helps me focus and I start afresh the next day knowing where I am up to. It’s equally helpful for me to use this time for when I need concentration and no distractions for a particular task. The beauty of a great set-up and the ability to WFH…


What are you having for dinner tonight?

Hunter’s chicken, loaded skins and Salad – (but you got me on a good day, I am not usually that organised).

Do you have any hobbies or exercise routines?

Music, DJing (house/oldskool). My claim to fame is winning old skool Ibiza DJ competition (hosted by SL2 DJ Slipmatt) in 2019. I got to play the opening set at Eden night club in Ibiza on the same night as Gat Décor and K-Klass!

I also watch a lot of football. I follow Manchester United, my partner has a season ticket, so I regularly attend games.

What book/TV show/film are you currently reading/watching?

Surrounded by Idiots – (recommended by Steve Blunt).

How do you wind down?

Brain training quizzes, just starting to dabble with meditation, music, playing it and listening. Reading.

Some final facts

Who is your favourite artist/album?

I can never answer this question. It really depends on my mood.

I have an eclectic taste – I like anything and everything ranging from Indie to an 80s power ballad and even some drum and bass! Variety is the spice of life, so they say!

Do you have a favourite saying/mantra/quote?

It’s better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.

Anything around positivity is my thing, it’s all about the law of attraction!

Who is your female hero (past or present)?

My grandmother – she is no longer with us but raised me. She taught me how to be a good person and how to have a good work ethic. Whenever I need to find strength in life, I remind myself of her and what she stood for.

Who is your Favourite businesswoman, and why?

Sharon Osbourne – I am not particularly a fan of her but from reading her books, I really got a feel for how she became successful by her sheer strength and determination.

What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

Here come the girls!! 

My children

What are you most proud of in your life?

My children are my first thought, I have 3 beautiful children 2 daughters. Faith 13, and Grace 11 and a son Red who is 2. I also have a stepson, Conor -24.

On a personal level, I would say it has to be my overall ability to see the good in everyone and everything despite a lot of challenges in my life.

Where have you experienced or overcome bias?

I have seen a lot of bias throughout my career, hire is a very male dominated industry and there were occasions felt I was overlooked for promotions over the years, but I was relentless and subsequently now I do the role I wanted to be in when I first came into the hire industry as an administrator back in 2007.

What has been a difficult choice in your life?

Work and Family have always been difficult ones, it can be hard going for mothers to be in a role with responsibility. I have spent long days in the office and away from home, often missing key milestones and events as a mother.

Luckily a lot has changed over the years, and Garic most definitely encourages a more flexible work-life balance.

If you could change one thing to improve bias, what would it be?

Bias is only a thing, if you allow yourself to be affected by the opinions of others. If someone sees women as different – that’s their problem.

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