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New Eco Merchandise

At the start of the year, we launched our new eco-friendly merchandise in line with our company-wide commitment to become more sustainable. This new merchandise line uses sustainable materials, such as bamboo, wheat, and recycled plastic to provide our customers with fantastic products that don’t cost the earth.

Some of our new eco merchandise includes:

Grow me sticky pads

An impressive upgrade on the usual throw-away sticky note, these pads are made from recycled paper and have seeds embedded in each sheet. Once each piece is finished, simply pop it into some soil and watch plants start to grow


Americano Tumbler

The traditional reusable coffee cup made from 100% recycled plastic. Manufactured in the UK by a sustainable factory that ensures this cup has a minimal carbon footprint.

Sport Water Bottle

This bottle ticks all the boxes. Made from 100% recycled plastic. But that’s not all. The original plastic was collected within 50km of coastlines and waterways, preventing it from ending up in the ocean and endangering wildlife.

Mr. Bio Cable

The perfect charger companion. The variety of cable attachments means there is no need to carry multiple cables for all those gadgets. It is made from Dupont Tyvek and Wheat composite . 

Wireless Charger

Ditch the cables completely and go wireless! This wireless charger is made entirely of wheat, straw, and recycled plastic and is compatible with most phones that are capable of wireless charging.

The Eco Cube

This 100% compostable and biodegradable Eco cube is filled with soil and seeds to grow a desk plant. The plant has a shelf life of two years (if you remember to water it!), after which the soil can be removed and used as a pen holder.

The Bag

We have also switched to a new, environmentally friendly merchandise bag which is made using 100% recycled material and is plastic free. Once the bag has been re-used, it can be recycled along with any other paper/ cardboard.

Our Aim

Our aim to become net zero by 2040 will be the biggest, and longest challenge we have undertaken, and one of our most important too. Although there are areas of our business which have a greater impact on our carbon footprint, such as sourcing our depot energy from a renewable supplier, we are dedicated to reviewing all avenues where we can make a difference and reduce our impact on the environment. This new merchandise line minimises virgin materials and focuses more on sustainable materials to reduce our carbon footprint, and is one more step forward to becoming a more sustainable business.

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Intelligent Site Planning for Every Sector

Garic’s intelligent online site planning tool helps you deliver successful projects by quickly and reliably planning all of the equipment your site will need, from welfare units and wheel washers, to power generators and lighting. We’ll even advise on maintenance and specify fuel saving and eco-friendly options to help you hit your sustainability targets.