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Supporting the revival of Bury FC

Garic is proud to be supporting the revival of Bury FC and its Gigg Lane stadium, situated in the community close to our Bury depot. The stadium requires a lot of work due to not having proper maintenance for over 10 years, and vandals targeting the venue since the club hosted its last game back in August 2019.

With Gigg Lane being so close to our Bury depot, our team, like most people in Bury, have a strong connection to the ground and felt compelled to get involved with bringing the venue alive. The team at our Bury depot have worked with directors to organise free hire, and maintenance of our sustainable welfare products to help with the clean-up project.

The local community have pulled together to help clear up the ground and bring Gigg Lane back to life. Headed by volunteers, the mammoth project is bringing out the best in the community with people donating their time to clean up the venue and help manage the project.

The aim is to get Gigg Lane back up and running, not only as a football venue but, also as a community hub. Even now, whilst the vandalism is still evident inside the venue, rooms are stacked with donations for Ukraine relief efforts, and volunteers loading trucks to be sent over to those in need; showing that Gigg Lane is a pillar of the community.

The current cost-of-living crisis is adding pressure to the project, stated the team at Gigg Lane. Our donation, together with the rest of the community’s fundraising shows the supporters pulling together to help finance the project; something Bury council require in order to provide additional funds from the government’s grant. Although the pitch is much greener and in better condition compared to a couple of months ago, there is still a lot of work to be done, which is why it’s so important for the volunteers to secure funding from the council to help get the club back on its feet.

We’re looking forward to continuing to support the club now and in the future with the continuous free hire of sustainable welfare products and offering our team to donate working days and help with the restoration.

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