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Fuel Friday – Switch to a more sustainable product?

With the upcoming fuel changes, it could be a good time to also look at reducing emissions on site to operate more sustainably by choosing more eco-friendly products on your site.

Small changes such as turning off unused appliances and making full use of telematics data can save energy and lower emissions on site, however, choosing the right product can potentially save fuel and reduce your carbon footprint.

Products like our solar loo provide hot and cold running water, and a hot air hand dryer- all powered by solar energy, therefore saving you on fuel costs when compared to other units on the market that require being plugged in to an energy source.

Even choosing a product from our eco range can bring substantial fuel savings. Our new Armadillo Eco 4.0, which primarily runs on solar power and has a backup generator, could save you up to 35 litres of fuel compared to a standard cabin. What’s more, the generator is HVO compatible, so if you need that extra bit of power, HVO fuel can be used which can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 80% compared to traditional diesel.

Another example of making a sustainable change would be choosing our Combi-Cabin Eco Series over the Combi-Cabin Gen series. This simple change could save you over 78 litres of fuel a week (See page 32 in our brochure for full details).

Changing to more eco-friendly vehicles and appliances on your site can save you a considerable amount of money in fuel. Your emissions can also be massively reduced too by making the right, sustainable choice.

Sustainability has always been a part of our DNA. We are committing to investing in the research and development of innovative technologies, manufacturing processes, and fuel options to offer you innovative, sustainable solutions.

If you would like information on your current fleet with us, or are interested in anything else, feel free to pop us an email or give us a call on 03300 948060

Intelligent Site Planning for Every Sector

Garic’s intelligent online site planning tool helps you deliver successful projects by quickly and reliably planning all of the equipment your site will need, from welfare units and wheel washers, to power generators and lighting. We’ll even advise on maintenance and specify fuel saving and eco-friendly options to help you hit your sustainability targets.