Along with all your usual servicing options, Garic has developed a ground-breaking telematics site monitoring service which allows for smart servicing for all your waste, water and fuel. We are making waves in the industry as one of the first companies to provide this facility.


Garic now offer state of the art technology for all assets which require regular servicing for fuel, waste and water. Traditionally, monitoring fluid levels has been determined by time and usage of assets. However, we have developed a smart site monitoring service to take the guesswork out of servicing that will result in greater on-site productivity.

The Garic i-SITE system works by fitting a telematics unit to the asset which, in turn, senses the fluid levels in any tank. This information is then sent via the GPRS network to the cloud. Following this, you can view your assets via a website using a unique login and password.

In this way, you can view all of your waste, water and fuel levels at a glance. This system enables you to use the planning function integrated into the website itself. An app version is also available where level notifications and alerts can be received directly to a mobile device.

The aim of the i-SITE system is to have more visibility and more efficient control over your fluid levels as well as saving you time and money through the duration of your project.


Waste, water and fuel servicing requirements are managed on a closely monitored and controlled rota system but if your needs change or you want something urgently call our servicing team on 0844 417 9780.