Water & Waste

Garic provides a full range of support for water and waste services and has formed strategic partnerships with leading construction and civil engineering companies involved with all aspects of water treatment, waste recycling and landfill.

With nearly 30 years of experience, we fully appreciate the contracting and regulatory frameworks these sectors adhere to and are proud to provide site support with our range of welfare units.

When immediate or short term facilities are required, we have a range of solutions to meet those requirements; from static welfare units to solar toilets and showers.

Garic is one of the UK’s largest suppliers of welfare unit hire. Ideal for almost any application, our welfare products are used everywhere with each welfare unit specifically designed to provide the comfort and amenity needed whilst meeting Health & Safety legal requirements. Whether it is one item for a short period (as most of our welfare units and other products are available for hire for as little as one week) right through to a full solution package for a year or longer you can be assured that you have a full welfare unit solution that you need for a duration that suits you. We offer a wide range of site set up equipment that is designed for these often remote and challenging water and waste environments including mobile, towable, and self-sufficient products. For those in the waste recycling sector specifically, we have eco-efficient versions of our most popular units allowing for an environmentally friendly approach. No matter where your site is located, we can ensure that you have the right unit to meet your needs.

Garic provide units to many businesses within the water and waste sector including:


Waste Recycling


Treatment Works

Our full range of products to suit any water and waste job include:

Toilets & Showers

Solar Toilets and Showers

With our range of solar toilets and showers, you can be assured that your team has access to all the necessities onsite. Simply position one of our toilet or shower units centrally to provide on-site relief to your workforce, helping them get on with the job at hand.

Static Welfare Units

Static Welfare Units

If you’re looking for a static welfare option, our combi-cabins can provide welfare units powered by diesel generator or solar panels in a variety of layouts e.g. Office / Canteen / WC, or Canteen / Toilet, with capacity for between 4 to 12 persons.

Mobile Welfare Units

Our most popular mobile welfare unit is the Armadillo Mobile Unit. Their self-contained design and portability means you can position them exactly where they’re needed on any given day. We also offer Eco versions to meet more environmentally-focused site requirements.

Health & Safety and Legal Requirements

By continually reviewing our Health & Safety policies we can ensure that best practice is always adhered to, including appointing Health & Safety representatives in all areas of the business. Built to meet all the latest site welfare legal requirements, all of our cabins can include: hot & cold water, flushing toilets, urinals, hand dryers, private WC, heating, deadlocking and anti-vandal devices.

Solar powered option

Our solar welfare units have completely revolutionised the welfare facilities market. This option covers some of our most popular products including the mobile Armadillo unit, Combi Cabins and Solar Dryers. This allows for maximum generated power at a reduced cost with Co2 emissions being reduced by up to 88% on our Combi Cabin Eco Series+ model.

Fast delivery throughout the UK

All of our units can be delivered almost anywhere in the UK – with fast delivery available to ensure that you get the products you need as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Hire for as little as one week

All our featured welfare products are available to hire for either long or short-term agreements ensuring that you can hire our quality products in a time frame that suits your business.

Managed Partnerships

We have highly experienced personnel managing these partnerships to ensure that everything runs smoothly at every stage – from specification and contract negotiation to delivery, installation and servicing. With our knowledgeable team on hand, you’ll have everything you need to make the most out of your new units.

COVID-19 Compliant

In line with the recent site operating procedures guideline, all of our cabins include hot and cold water alongside toilets and hand dryers ensuring that your staff can wash their hands regularly while on site. All of our units can be configured in a way to accommodate all your canteen necessities, enabling you to follow the CLC guidelines and our full in-house vehicle servicing fleet are able to  service all of our own units. By replenishing your water & fuel and removing your waste for you, you can ensure the safety of your team with no hassle.

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