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Eco Estimator

We pride ourselves on offering sustainable solutions that help you reduce fuel costs, whilst also minimising your carbon footprint.
See how much fuel you can save, and how much carbon you can reduce by comparing different units using our carbon estimator below.

Step 1
Do you want to compare Mobile or Static Welfare?

Static Welfare

Mobile Welfare

Step 2
Select your products below for comparison against our standard unit

Eco Cabin 24

Armadillo 12

Armadillo 18

Combi Cabin 34

Combi Cabin 34

Armadillo 18 Eco

Armadillo 12 Eco

Combi Cabin 24 Eco

Eco Cabin+ 24

Armadillo 18 Eco+

Step 3
Enter your own site-specific details below

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The estimator tool has been designed so that you can input the duration of your job to provide customised results.