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Armadillo 18 Eco+
Our most sustainable mobile welfare unit

Armadillo 18 Eco+

Capacity 10 people

Armadillo 18 Eco+ showcases our dedication to enhancing your social, environmental, and economic impact.

At the heart of the Armadillo 18 Eco+’s environmental performance is its low power requirement, combined with our Microgrid technology that captures, stores, and supplies solar energy that primarily powers the unit. When the backup generator is needed, it will only use a maximum of 1 litre of fuel per hour. The unit includes a 10-person canteen, drying area, full flush washroom x2, and generator room.

A 55-litre tank is dedicated to harvesting and storing rainwater for toilet flushes, while an additional 20-litre tank supplies fresh water. Tracking your usage is effortless, with a built-in telematics system that records data on usage, environmental impact, and service needs for waste, water, and fuel. It also provides remote access, reducing downtime.

We’ve listened to how teams use our units and have introduced a dedicated drying area, rainwater harvesting, full flush washrooms, and a dedicated safety area to ensure key safety messages are prominently displayed and observed.

Microgrid technology primarily powers this unit with solar energy
Rainwater harvesting systems allows you to conserve water
Telematics helps you record usage data for auditing purposes.
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Key Features

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Six solar panels provide power to the built-in battery bank that supplies clean energy to this unit. A backup diesel/HVO generator is on hand to provide additional power during high loads or when the battery is empty.
Microgrid technology
The built-in rainwater harvesting system allows you to reduce your water usage by using rainwater for toilet flushes. A 55-litre tank is reserved for rainwater, and a separate 20-litre tank is reserved for fresh water.
Rainwater harvesting
View and record unit usage data, environmental impact, and service requirements for waste, water and fuel, and remote access solutions -ultimately reducing downtime of the unit.
Canteen area with a 12V water boiler, 12V fridge, microwave, kettle, and sink.
Canteen area for 10 people
Stay complaint with two separate toilets for your male and female colleagues.
Displaying the unit's current performance.
Digital performance screen
Environmental Benefits

Rainwater harvesting system

Emissions reduced by up to 95%

Fuel costs reduced by up to 95%

Armadillo 18 Eco+
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