The Microgrid

Discover a ground breaking energy solution that revolutionises the way we cater to power needs, from small-scale sites to medium and larger installations.

The Microgrid offers unparalleled versatility, harnessing renewable energy to create a seamless power ecosystem that can be adapted to your requirements.

The Microgrid system comprises several essential components, including the Solar Power Frame, Solar Energy Battery, and Solar Energy Store. This modular design empowers you to scale your power solution precisely to your site's size, shape, and energy demands.

Microgrid - it's as easy as 1, 2, 3...


Example of a Microgrid setup

The ultimate power connectivity
solution to your energy needs

We understand that your energy needs can evolve, and our Microgrid ensures you're always equipped to meet those demands. For example, larger sites may be able to harness more solar energy, so could add additional Solar Power Frames, or Solar Energy stores to get the additional solar energy.

The heart of the Microgrid lies in its ability to utilise renewable energy. Our cutting-edge Solar Power Frames seamlessly integrate with 24 x 9 accommodation units, capturing the sun's rays and converting them into a clean and efficient power source. The harvested solar energy is intelligently stored in the Energy Store, providing a consistent and reliable supply of energy to connected units.

By using Microgrid on your site, you can capture, store and supply solar energy, whilst reducing your emissions and fuel costs.

A scalable solution...

That caters for welfare power needs, from a small site through to a range of medium and larger site solutions.

Sustainability in mind...

Reduce emissions, and noise by harnessing and utilising solar energy with the help of battery storage and a backup generator to ensure you're never without power.

Microgrid utilises the power of...

Solar energy store

Developed to provide a fully automated 24/7 off grid power supply integrating renewable power and storage with a diesel/HVO powered backup generator to reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

During daytime operation the energy created by the photovoltaic solar panels is harvested and stored in a large AGM/absorbed glass matt battery pack. The standby generator is configured to run only when the batteries are depleted or when there is a high AC/actual current load.

This solar energy store is ideally set up to power 3 open plan cabins, toilet blocks, or similar.

Telemetry: All key values are monitored by Garic (fuel level, power input and output), and all historical performance information can be shared with the hirer.

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Solar power frame

Garic's cabin or floor mounted SPF is a simple and effective way to provide solar power to welfare cabins and accommodation units, this safe and secure steel frame that houses photovoltaic solar panels fits on any 24ft x 9ft cabin with ISO corners.

With one solar power frame able to provide up to 3.2 kW of power the energy generated will be used to power heating, lighting and plug sockets within the unit.

At times when there is low demand or high solar input, any left-over power is diverted to a connected solar energy store or battery storage unit.

The sustainable power solution will allow customers to minimise generation run time reducing fuel costs and carbon emissions.

Our SPF can be utilised on larger site setups by using multiple frames to meet growing power demands as sites develop.

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Energy store

With the introduction of battery power Garic now offers an alternative solution to power on site. With many applications, battery power now provides a solution for both air and noise pollution; with the added benefit of saving on fuel costs.

The Energy Store provides emission free, silent power. The energy storage system works with Solar Power Frames, Solar Energy Store or diesel generators, to reduce carbon emissions and fuel storage by up to 80%. When used with renewable energy sources, it provides endless hours of zero-emission power.

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