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Garic Enters into Memorandum of Understanding with LiNa Energy to Integrate Sustainable Sodium Batteries into Eco Products

Garic has announced a new partnership with LiNa Energy Ltd to integrate its sustainable batteries into Garic’s Eco Product line of solar-connected remote power and mobile welfare assets. By combining innovative technologies, Garic and LiNa will work together to bring great products to market whilst reducing cost and carbon emissions.

Lancaster based, LiNa Energy Ltd is a clean tech company which addresses a rapidly growing need for sustainable and low-cost energy storage. LiNa is commercialising high performance solid-state sodium batteries which offer greater sustainability, safety and lower cost versus lithium-ion.  A key advantage of LiNa’s technology is that it does not contain critical materials such as lithium and cobalt enabling simple recycling and a low embedded carbon footprint.

Sustainability in the construction industry could quite possibly be one of the most complicated areas to reach Net-Zero, due to how multifaceted the industry is. From remote locations with limited resources to the use of virgin materials; sustainability in construction is a challenge. 

Garic has been taking on that challenge for a while and created a whole eco-focused product line with the goal of reducing fuel usage and maximizing solar energy, therefore limiting carbon emissions. Over 50% of their fleet is now part of their eco range and they have committed to only invest in sustainable products going forward so this ratio will only continue to increase. Driving their vision of becoming the sustainable solutions provider in the construction welfare market. Sustainability is deeply intertwined with Garic’s company values and an integral part of their Compass initiative which drives support for a range of CSR topics – plastic reduction, decarbonization, renewable energy and health and wellbeing to name but a few.

LiNa Energy and Garic will collaborate on feasibility work to integrate LiNa’s battery modules into this Eco Product line. As part of this, LiNa Energy will provide battery cells and modules for co-testing, demonstration, and commercial trials to qualify subsequent off-take from LiNa’s future manufacturing facilities.

Gene Lewis, LiNa CEO, said “It is clear from working with Garic that they share LiNa’s vision and place great importance on the need to achieve net-zero. This partnership endorses LiNa’s business strategy and signals the potential of our pioneering low-cost, safe and sustainable sodium battery technology for industrial decarbonisation. We are really excited to formalize our relationship with Garic with the execution of this MOU, exciting times ahead!”

Mark Albiston, Garic CEO, said “Sustainability and driving new eco innovations is part of our DNA so we’re pleased to be forging this partnership with LiNa, an expert innovator in their own field. Their values are closely aligned to our own and with the direction our company, and the whole industry is travelling, this is a really exciting opportunity to make a big difference. ”

LiNa began work on its novel battery technology as a spin-out of Lancaster University in 2017 and has led several grant research projects to progress and demonstrate the technology. This partnership with Garic enables validation of LiNa’s technology and opens up commercialization of battery modules, complimenting existing strategies to commercialize complete battery energy storage systems.

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