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Garic launches its most sustainable scalable power solution: Microgrid

Garic launches its most sustainable scalable power solution: Microgrid

In the fast-paced world of construction, ensuring a consistent and reliable power supply is not just a convenience but a necessity. Garic’s Microgrid provides the industry with a sustainable, scalable power solution that is reliable and bespoke to the site it is serving.

Construction sites are often located in remote or temporary locations, far from established power infrastructure. Traditional generators may be the go-to solution for temporary power, but they come with their fair share of challenges, including fuel costs, emissions, noise pollution, and reliability issues. Garic’s Microgrid solutions provide sustainable alternative ways for construction sites to power their essential facilities.

Microgrid maximises your site’s solar harnessing potential by connecting Garic’s latest power solutions together to create your bespoke sustainable power solution. 

As easy as 1 2 3

1) Capture
Solar panels, such as the Solar Power Frame, will capture solar energy to power your Microgrid. Depending on your site’s requirements, you can have multiple Solar Power Frames to harness more energy. Additionally, a backup generator will also be on hand to ensure your site is never without power

2) Store
A storage unit, such as the Energy Store, acts as your Microgrid’s central ‘hub’ where all captured solar energy is stored. It will also automatically turn on the connected generator should it require additional load during peak hours, or during the height of winter when daylight is reduced.

3) Supply
Finally, your bespoke Microgrid will supply the energy captured and stored to the connected welfare units when required. As mentioned above, as power loads can vary depending on the time of day, different components of your Microgrid will be utilised to provide efficient, reliable energy.

As all site’s power requirements differ, each Microgrid is bespoke to your site’s needs. Garic’s experts will discuss with you what your site’s power requirements are, and then recommend the best sustainable option that works for you.

Microgrid Setup Examples

In the examples below, we can see what a Microgrid setup could look like for sites with 60 and 90 operatives. Depending on the site’s needs, each welfare unit could have a Solar Power Frame on, enabling the site to harness as much solar energy as possible.

Benefits of Microgrid


Construction sites rely on a constant power supply to operate welfare units, offices, and toilets. Garic’s Microgrid solutions guarantee uninterrupted power, even in remote areas; ensuring that essential facilities remain fully functional throughout the project.



Microgrid has the potential to reduce the amount of generator running hours by harnessing, storing, and maximising solar energy usage on site. Ultimately reducing your project’s carbon emissions and noise pollution. This environmentally responsible approach not only aligns with sustainability goals but also showcases your commitment to eco-friendly practices.


Cost Efficiency

Garic’s Microgrid solutions empower construction sites to reduce fuel costs by minimising generator run time, ultimately leading to significant financial savings over the project’s duration.



Whether you’re operating a small construction site or a large-scale project, Garic’s Microgrid solutions can be tailored to your specific energy needs. This scalability ensures that only hire Microgrid components that will work for your site, with the option and flexibility to expand as your project grows.

Case Study


Ethical Power have a 6-cabin site setup utilising a 60kva generator running 24 hours per day. They required an alternative solution that would provide high levels of financial and environmental value to the project.

Ethical Power’s Bespoke Microgrid

A 12-week trial was set up using the new Garic Microgrid system, which supports our customers decarbonisation challenges through the provision of sustainable power solutions. Our experts recommended the most suitable Microgrid setup for the project which consisted of:

Solar Power Frames – All solar energy is used directly by the customer’s needs, any excessive capacity is used to charge the battery storage unit

Battery Storage Unit– The Energy Store manages all power consumption & utilises all resources for efficient use. When the battery state of charge falls to 20% the generator is automatically used to recharge.

Backup Generator– The generator is used for battery recharging & also to assist when consumer loads are high, and the battery needs support to deliver.


Results over a 12-week period highlighted a large potential saving when compared to the same outputs for the standard generator power setup (24 hours).

The financial savings & Emissions savings % is calculated based on the below assumptions:-

•Comparison Vs a standalone 60kva generator running 24hrs per day

•Comparison standalone generator assumed running at 40% load

•Diesel Fuel rates calculated at £1.46 per litre


Expert Advise

Garic’s experts are on hand to advise which Microgrid setup is right for your site and how much you could potentially save. Get in touch today


📞 03300 948060


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