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Garic – Social Housing and House Building

For over 20 years we’ve been working closely with the house building and social housing sectors, providing our range of market-leading products, services and solutions to every type and size of housing development.

We’re acutely aware of what matters to you, and that matters to us. That’s why we’re proud to say that whether you’re a contractor, developer or builder, we take your needs seriously and they’re all accounted for throughout our product range. Ensure you stay fully CDM compliant with our range of cost-effective, efficient, robust and safe equipment that can be delivered to you on-site, anywhere in the UK.

With an all-encompassing product range, whether you need welfare units, site lighting towers or static fuel tanks, we’ve got you covered. 

Why Garic?

  • We are constantly reviewing all Health & Safety and all legal requirements to ensure that our products are built to meet the latest in welfare legal requirements and that they exceed these standards while ensuring that Health & Safety best practices are strictly followed.
  • We have a wide range of welfare units and site equipment which operate using solar power. These products have revolutionised the welfare facilities available throughout the industry, with innovative options such as the Combi Cabin Eco and our site lighting towers reducing CO2 emissions and also reducing your on-site costs!
  • We have depots up and down the country, ensuring that we can deliver what you need efficiently and quickly all over the UK. We get the products you demand, on your site, on time.
  • With short and long term hire options, you can benefit from our facilities for as little as one week. We work to time frames that suit you and your business.

The Market Leading Products

Here we’ll just run you through a few of our products that are widely used in housing projects throughout the UK, but remember this is far from an exhaustive list, if you’d like to see all of our available products you can view them here. Hire Products Archives – Garic LTD

Welfare Units –  We’ll start with the biggest category, our welfare units. For housing development projects we recommend our static welfare unit range, these are perfectly suited to static sites, whereas our mobile welfare units are better suited to construction sites on the move. 

With options to accommodate between 4 and 12 people, and with a host of layout options available, we really do have solutions to suit any size of project. And with diesel-powered or solar-powered units, we’ve also got options that reduce your carbon footprint, can reduce noise, and save you money!

Each unit is manufactured right here in the UK, using only the best quality materials and manpower. Take a look at the product that revolutionised the welfare facilities market – Our Combi Cabin Eco Series+ 

Steel storage containers – Housing Developments projects are often a long term undertakings, which means you are likely to need to store a large number of products on-site, ready for when they are needed. 

Our extensive range of steel storage containers is widely recognised as one of the largest on the market, providing you with exactly what you need to keep your equipment safe throughout the duration of your project. Robustly designed, fully lockable and with capacity options from 800kg to 2000kg, we’ve got you covered. Browse our Steel Storage Containers & Construction Products.

Fuel and Water Storage – As these projects can take a great deal of time, a great deal of water and fuel will be needed throughout the duration of your project. Rather than worrying about running low or when your next delivery is, why not make use of our mobile or static fuel tanks. The ability to keep your fuel source on-site saves you valuable time and money, view our Reliable & Efficient Site Fuel Storage Products

Our water tanks and bowsers are essential units in locations without mains water, supporting welfare units such as toilets and shower blocks, washing stations and more, to keep you CDM compliant. Take a look at our effective and efficient Construction Site Water Storage Equipment.

Small but essential items – It’s not just the larger items that we supply to housing and building development sites around the UK, we also take care of aspects such as site lighting. Especially as the winter months descend, and the days become shorter and gloomier, having effective site lighting towers in place is essential in order to carry out work safely. If you can’t see, you can’t work, and our Tower Lights & Construction Site Lighting Products ensure you maintain your ability to work safely throughout the dimmer days and into the nights. 

At Garic, our welfare hire products and our services are on hand to support your projects.

Garic. On-Demand. On-Site. On-Time.

For more information on our products please visit our website or contact us.

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Intelligent Site Planning for Every Sector

Garic’s intelligent online site planning tool helps you deliver successful projects by quickly and reliably planning all of the equipment your site will need, from welfare units and wheel washers, to power generators and lighting. We’ll even advise on maintenance and specify fuel saving and eco-friendly options to help you hit your sustainability targets.