Tower Lights Hire

Light up your site! With a Garic Site Tower Light! We know that having clearly lit projects are essential to safety on-site, so take a look at our range of site lighting towers and ask us about our solar lighting towers.

Here at Garic we’ve supplied tower lights to construction sites for many years, with our mobile and energy-efficient models proving particularly popular with our customers. Our site lighting towers provide you with a practical and safe method of lighting your site, whether for day works during the winter months, security purposes at night or employee safety at all times.

We use LED technology for our site lighting towers, this means that our lights can illuminate an area with little or no warm-up time, making Garic’s product far superior to traditional models. The energy-saving benefits of this technology are also impossible to ignore; our lights are ideal for sites with even the most stringent environmental policies.

We’ve always had a focus on environmentalism here at Garic, believing that as industry leaders we should set an example, and for years that is what we have done. Our Hybrid Tower Light has always been at the forefront of lowering carbon emissions, while they also significantly lower the costs of running your site lighting tower thanks to the rechargeable batteries. While our Eco Tower lights, with their compact nature and extended refuelling period, quickly became the most innovative site lighting tower available on the market.

When it comes to tower light hire, Garic has a site lighting tower to suit your every need.