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Innovation Day signals good times ahead for Garic

Garic, one of the most forward thinking suppliers of plant and welfare equipment is looking to celebrate World Innovation Day with a raft of R&D product development programmes which encapsulate everything that is at the heart of the company’s ethos.

World Innovation Day, which falls on 16 February, will fire up what promises to be a busy week for Garic as it commences work on a brand new product range inspired by, and to complement, its highly acclaimed Combi Cabin Eco Series Plus welfare unit.

The first product, currently tightly under wraps in the research and development department, will be unveiled in the spring.

It is also fitting that a day which aims to recognise, promote and celebrate innovation coincides with the first of two prestigious award ceremonies in which Garic has been identified as an innovative leader in its field.

The team will be heading down to the Housing Innovation Awards where they will be competing for the title of Most Innovative Supplier against some of the biggest names in the business.

The week after, sees Garic don their best bib and tucker again. This time to contend for the acclaimed titles of Business Innovation of the Year and Equipment Supplier of the Year in the Construction News Specialists Awards.

Neil Richardson, director says: “It can only be a good omen that World Innovation Day falls at such a significant time for us.

“Innovation has always been at the core of the Garic ethos, it’s just the way we’ve always been. However, for our staff – from the R&D department to the sales teams – and right through to the products they deliver, it’s a fantastic acknowledgement of their hard work and expertise.

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